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Unique Capabilities

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In addition to ATK Commerce's extensive traditional manufacturing, processing, and test facilities, ATK Commerce has several unique facilities and capabilities which greatly expands our product and service offerings. These include custom formulation rubber fabrication and molding and a variety of environmental test capabilities including slosh, static load, and bubble point. All work in these unique facilities is performed to the highest space industry standards with experienced employees in an ISO 9001 registered facility. A brief description of each is provided below. Contact ATK Commerce for more information about utilizing our unique services.
Elastomeric Rubber Fabrication and Diaphragm  Molding

ATK mixes, processes, forms, and molds elastomeric rubbers including  AF-E-332, AF-E- 411, SIFA 35, and BUNA-N for space and other specialized applications. Work is done in class 10,000 environmentally controlled clean rooms.

Slosh Testing

ATK has slosh environment simulation capabilities and  experienced personnel to design, test, and analyze results. ATK has built and tested numerous Plexiglas models of propellant tanks containing propellant management devices as well as diaphragms.

Static Load Testing

ATK performs static load testing on tanks ranging in size from the 23" dia X 34" long shown to 35" dia X 109" long. Loading methods include hydraulic cylinders as well as water pressurized contour bladders for combined loading conditions such as launch g-loads.

Bubble Point Testing

ATK has a large, OSHA approved facility to perform bubble point testing on PMD details, assemblies, & complete tanks. A 500 gallon alcohol tank is available for testing as well as smaller test setups for PMD components and subassemblies. ATK's test personnel have unmatched experience in bubble point testing of spacecraft PMD tanks.